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I do a lot of work for clients from all types of industries from Cosmetics to Education, Marketing, Real Estate, Photography, you name it. Everyone has the same goal, to get there website up in the search rankings and apart from paid advertising the best way to do that is through good quality content.

But copious amounts of text is not enough these days, the content has to be visually appealing and easy to consume, which invariably means video's.

This can take time which most people simply do not have.

I recently came across a product (which I have used on my home page ( to do a promo video. That video took me 5-10 mins. 

I have since made more for clients and have become a little addicted. It is easy to take existing content and re-do as video to push out to social media and blogs. Here is a video to show you how easy it is.

I love this product so much I have become an affiliate so if you click this link 7 day Free Trial you can try it out for yourself.

Twenty07 Squarespace Websites

Specialising In Websites For Professionals, Small Businesses And Individuals Wanting A More Personalised Service.

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New website Personal Best Parenting

Personal Best Parenting is a parenting education program that gives parents information that comes from research (not "old wives tales" or "google").

This website is linked to a membership platform that allows members to interact through a closed facebook group and access information stored in the membership site as well as webinars and videos.

M Digital website by Twenty07

M Digital (founded by Miranda Bond) is a business that works online and across borders, increasing the sales, traffic, leads and customer bases of businesses and start-ups of any size. What sets M Digital apart from other agencies is that we don’t simply focus on bringing your business traffic; we focus on conversion rate optimisation, meaning more customers rather than visitors, more sales and better ROI.

Synergy Projects - Squarespace website by Twenty07

Synergy projects is a commercial construction and project management company established to offer our clients unparalleled, personal service. With more than 20 years experience in commercial & residential construction we have the best people to cater for any of your design and construction needs.We collaborate and work in synergy with all project stakeholders including our clients, consultants, suppliers and sub-contractors to deliver exceptional outcomes