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Specialising In Websites For Professionals, Small Businesses And Individuals Wanting A More Personalised Service.

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

Pilgrim Bar - Latest website by Twenty07

Pilgrim; there’s always a story. 

Located on Federation Wharf, Pilgrim is an intimate waterfront venue that engages an authentic community through its considered and intuitive approach to salt and fat ‘drinking food’ and concise bar offering. The ultimate place to laze and graze in comfort

Michael Infanti Golf

The Michael Infanti Golf website is design using Squarespace by Twenty07.  Michael is a young golf professional and his website was designed to be fresh and showcase his lesson strategy and swing philosophy incorporating videos and blog. The website is also used as a training aid for his clients to review their lesson and practice routines.

Planet Boomer

The Twenty07 designed website, Planet Boomer is designed using Squarespace. This is a large website and structure was important to allow easy navigation. Images features strongly and the design showcases the many beautiful locations throughout Asia.

Planet Boomer is a website for baby boomers looking to Pack Up, Sell Up and Take Off to a new life in Asia.

Essentials for Baby's Sleep

Essentials for Baby's Sleep is a Squarespace website designed by Twenty07. This website is a research based forum for the research of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S). The website includes a video presentation and research and data gathering component for educating parents.

The Mighty Marketers

The Mighty Marketers website by Twenty07 was designed using Squarespace. Website presents a strong visual impact and incorporates Social Media integration, blog and Instagram feed.

The Mighty Marketers can leverage Social Media marketing to promote your business.

Editing a photo gallery in Squarespace

Galleries are used to add a collection of images which can be used throughout your website. To edit a Gallery first log in and select the relevant gallery page.

Double click on the Gallery image to open the Editing block

The box below should appear.


Where the red circle is click on this to open the upload section which should bring up your desktop/ Google Drive/ Dropbox etc where the applicable image is located. Double click on the image or select multiple images (you could also drag and drop them here). Once done the new image icon will appear

Note: When uploading images it is best to keep or crop them to similar sizes to ensure that they appear correctly in the gallery



Gallery 6.jpg

Within the Edit block there are other options.

You can move around the order of the images simply by clicking on, holding and moving image.


As you hover your curser over an image you will see some icons come up. The Garbage Bin is for deleting that image. The Cog brings up a pop up box to enter title and description and also allows you to set a Click through URL (where the user is taken if they click on the image). The Crayon (image below) brings up an Edit Box that allows you to re-size or crop the image, do colour corrections and other image alterations. you can also see a little white circle in the middle of the image. If you click on and move this circle around the image it will change the focus or centre of the image for display purposes.

The Design Tab brings up features which determine how the Gallery is presented on your webpage.

These can vary from Template to template but selections usually include a

  • Style such as Slideshow, or Grid. Autoplay and timing,  
  • Whether the controls for back and forward are visible
  • Should the gallery Autocrop or show images as different sizes
  • Thumbnails with size and padding (gap between thumbnails)
  • Show title and description (entered via the Cog)

Save everything and you are done.


Entering Video Blocks in Squarespace

Entering a Video Block is similar to entering an Image Block. First Login and select the desired page in your Navigation Menu. You cannot upload video directly in Squarespace, you must do via a third party provider such as Youtube or Vimeo. Select the desired Video and in this case using Youtube click on Share then copy the URL link that comes up.

Click on the Black dot to bring up the content block

Click on the Video link

In the Pop Up enter the URL you copied from Youtube. The image that appears on your website will be the same as that of the image in Youtube. If you want to replace it use Custom Overlay and enter a new image. You can also decide to put a caption or not. The description that comes up will be the one from Youtube, you can change for SEO purposes. Click Save.

You can now manipulate the image size and position the same as an image as per this posting

Entering Imaging blocks in Squarespace

To enter a new image block first Login and select the page and area you would like the image block to appear. When you move your cursor around you will see these little black dots appear (as highlighted in green). 

Click one of these dots and a Content Block will appear. This block contains lots of options such as a Text, Quote or for this example click on Image

Click on the arrow in the white box and search your computer for the desired image then press save.

Details on the functions of Editing the image, Stretch and clickthrough URL can be found . If you would like to move the image Click and Hold on the image and then drag to where you want it to appear. You can put it inside a text box (text will wraparound) or outside a text block and the text will form a column next to image. See the 2 images below.

You can also use the Spacer function in the Content block (click on black dot to call up Content Block), click on Spacer and then you can move it next to the image, you can expand or shorten and image will enlarge or get smaller. You can put a spacer either side of the image to centre the image if desired.

Experiment with the Content Block to see the available functions, use a test page and put it in your Not Linked section in your Navigation menu.

Twenty07 can design you the website you have always wanted.

We can you get you online fast or give your existing website an update. Using Squarespace we can setup your Website, add a Blog page and link your Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) anything else you may need. Our Services include:

  • Website Design
  • Blog setup with posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • APP Project Management
  • E Commerce
  • Video Editing

Everything is done online, you can see the progress and approve the "template" prior to proceeding. Just supply us with the words and pictures you want to use for each page, and we will build your website, link your Facebook and Twitter, setup a Blog page if required and once complete train you on how to use everything. 

But don't worry you wont be left on your own, we also provide training videos to help you along and if there is something you need help with just let us know and we can quote. 

Are the any catches? We don't think so but there are some conditions, we only use Squarespace and if you already have a website you will need to setup a Squarespace account (or we can do for you), pricing is very reasonable for this full featured platform. Your domain name will need to be forwarded and we can provide help with this.