Designing in Squarespace

Twenty07 Squarespace Websites

Specialising In Websites For Professionals, Small Businesses And Individuals Wanting A More Personalised Service.

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M Digital website by Twenty07

M Digital (founded by Miranda Bond) is a business that works online and across borders, increasing the sales, traffic, leads and customer bases of businesses and start-ups of any size. What sets M Digital apart from other agencies is that we don’t simply focus on bringing your business traffic; we focus on conversion rate optimisation, meaning more customers rather than visitors, more sales and better ROI.

Essentials for Baby's Sleep

Essentials for Baby's Sleep is a Squarespace website designed by Twenty07. This website is a research based forum for the research of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S). The website includes a video presentation and research and data gathering component for educating parents.

The Mighty Marketers

The Mighty Marketers website by Twenty07 was designed using Squarespace. Website presents a strong visual impact and incorporates Social Media integration, blog and Instagram feed.

The Mighty Marketers can leverage Social Media marketing to promote your business.


The TimeFinder website is the latest design by Twenty07 using Squarespace. The website incorporates Social Media and News Letter sign in form and details and promotes the TimeFinder book and corporate services.

TimeFinder helps organisations and people manage their time and productivity.


Streamline your business processes

Business today involves so many tasks to keep your systems up to date to allow you to manage your business effectively. Large organisations have the resources to implement linked systems across all areas but at a cost that would be prohibitive to small business or individuals.

What difference would it make to your business if you could have tasks performed automatically 

Twenty07 Website Design

A Twenty07 designed website can integrate hundreds of apps and programs using simple, event-based automation to avoid the repetitive, time consuming tasks:

  • An event happens in App 1
  • Your task is performed in App 2

How much more efficient could your business be, delivering lower costs and increased customer satisfaction. 

Upgrading to a Twenty07 designed website will deliver not only a beautiful functional website but the opportunity to automate many repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your business which can, over time, offset the cost of the investment made to upgrade.

If you feel that your business could benefit from this please contact Twenty07 to discuss you needs.


Twenty07 is a Squarespace Design Specialist

Twenty07 is excited to announce that it is now a registered Squarespace Design Specialist

We have worked hard to develop our skills with Squarespace and truly believe that the Squarespace platform and content management system provides the best of both worlds. It allows us to create beautiful, functional websites for our clients whilst allowing them to manage and update on a daily basis.

Connecting your Social Media in Squarespace

Setting up Social Media

Connecting your social media in Squarespace could not be easier.

Step 1

Simply login to your Squarespace account and in the main menu on the left select the Cog icon.





Step 2

Select the Connected Accounts 

Connecting Social Media

Step 3

Add Social Media Account Selection

Select Add Account button and in the pop up that appears select the Social Media account you want to add. You will then be asked for the Username and password for the relevant account, enter those and follow any additional instructions and you are done. To add another account simply select Add Account again from the Connected Account section.


Step 4

Linking Facebook

Often you may be the administrator of several different pages within your social media account. In Facebook for example click on the Facebook Connected Account you just setup and the following box will appear. Click on the Push Target and a list of each of the pages you manage will come up. Select the one that is applicable. If you also select impersonate page then when you post from your Blog to your Facebook it will post as that page.