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Waiting - The Van Duren Story

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Born out of the ashes of Big Star, arguably the greatest cult band of all time, Memphis local Van Duren joined forces with ex-members Chris Bell & Jody Stephens to form a band and become  regulars on the Memphis bar circuit. In little time they garnered the attention of Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham who then took on management of Van Duren in the mid 70s. 

Van Duren was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney but instead faded into obscurity. 


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M Digital (founded by Miranda Bond) is a business that works online and across borders, increasing the sales, traffic, leads and customer bases of businesses and start-ups of any size. What sets M Digital apart from other agencies is that we don’t simply focus on bringing your business traffic; we focus on conversion rate optimisation, meaning more customers rather than visitors, more sales and better ROI.

Dr Rosina

The Dr Rosina website by Twenty is designed in Squarespace. This is a large website incorporating Social Media, Video, Blog, E Commerce and large amounts of text structure in a way that is accessible to parents.

Dr Rosina is a leading expert in the parenting arena and her website allows her to communicate her research based, life skills approach to parenting and offer valuable positive advice to parents.