Editing a photo gallery in Squarespace

Galleries are used to add a collection of images which can be used throughout your website. To edit a Gallery first log in and select the relevant gallery page.

Double click on the Gallery image to open the Editing block

The box below should appear.


Where the red circle is click on this to open the upload section which should bring up your desktop/ Google Drive/ Dropbox etc where the applicable image is located. Double click on the image or select multiple images (you could also drag and drop them here). Once done the new image icon will appear

Note: When uploading images it is best to keep or crop them to similar sizes to ensure that they appear correctly in the gallery



Gallery 6.jpg

Within the Edit block there are other options.

You can move around the order of the images simply by clicking on, holding and moving image.


As you hover your curser over an image you will see some icons come up. The Garbage Bin is for deleting that image. The Cog brings up a pop up box to enter title and description and also allows you to set a Click through URL (where the user is taken if they click on the image). The Crayon (image below) brings up an Edit Box that allows you to re-size or crop the image, do colour corrections and other image alterations. you can also see a little white circle in the middle of the image. If you click on and move this circle around the image it will change the focus or centre of the image for display purposes.

The Design Tab brings up features which determine how the Gallery is presented on your webpage.

These can vary from Template to template but selections usually include a

  • Style such as Slideshow, or Grid. Autoplay and timing,  
  • Whether the controls for back and forward are visible
  • Should the gallery Autocrop or show images as different sizes
  • Thumbnails with size and padding (gap between thumbnails)
  • Show title and description (entered via the Cog)

Save everything and you are done.